Is Your Ex Boyfriend Still In Love With You?

When is a breakup really final? Couples rekindle broken romances every day, and people get back together after spending time apart. Before trying to get back an ex boyfriend, it's often helpful to know exactly how your ex feels... and whether or not he still holds a torch for you.

Exboyfriend Still Loves You

Love is the strongest and most powerful of all human emotions. When you and your boyfriend first hooked up, chances are good you remember some very magical moments.

Over time, you shared experiences. You formed strong bonds. You spent quality time together as a couple, both mentally and physically... and then, somehow, for some reason or another... you broke up.

Breakups are a part of life, but unwanted breakups don't have to be. If you've been recently dumped and still want your boyfriend back, there are ways of putting him right back in your arms again.

No matter what happened to drive the two of you apart, there's always a way of setting things right again... as long as you know how to walk just the right path to reconcilition, without overstepping certain boundries.

Feelings Don't Suddenly Just Go Away

You might think your boyfriend wants to forget about you right now, but it's really not that easy. The emotional bonds formed when two people date each other can grow strong very quickly. Just because he dumped you doesn't mean he's completely 'over' the relationship. In fact, if your boyfriend wants to remain friends after the break up, or tries to keep in contact with you? It's usually because he's not ready to 100% let go of what you had together.

This causes many women to ask themselves the same question: is your ex boyfriend still in love with you? To find out, there are a series of indicators you can look for. Some signals are easy to spot - such as when an ex keeps calling, emailing, or text-messaging you. Others are a lot more subtle... but if you know what they are, you can see that they're there.

Getting your boyfriend back is a lot easier when he misses you - even if he's not willing to admit those feelings to you yet, or even to himself. Learning exactly how you can make him want you again is an important part of getting him back.

Interpreting Your Ex's Actions After The Break Up

While most women think the opposite is true, men are fairly simple and easy to read. When your exboyfriend ended your relationship, what he does immediately afterward can go a long way toward determining how much he still loves you.

Does your ex check up on you? Ask friends how you're doing? An exboyfriend who looks over his shoulder after initiating a breakup might not be ready to lose you at all. He might be testing the waters, to see how he likes the single life. Do the right thing in this scenario, and you can actually force your ex to feel lonely and scared without you... accelerating the process of him wanting you back.

Understanding Why Your Boyfriend Broke Up With You

Another thing most women gloss over: the true reasons their relationship ended. While guys can be straightforward about a lot of things, very few will give you the actual reasons why they're breaking things off. This is because, right now anyway, your boyfriend wants out of the relationhip. He doesn't want to list the problems here, because he's afraid you might offer to fix them.

This is why it's crucial you figure out what's wrong and fix it without him. Not all of the issues in your relationship will be problems on your end, but the ones that are? These are fully within the realm of your control and influence. To get back an ex boyfriend, you need to create an attractive scenario - not the exact same one he just left. By identifying and correcting bad mojo, you can make it known that should he take you back, things are going to change for the better.

What To Do If Your Ex Still Loves You

Finding out your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you doesn't mean you can rush right back into each other's arms. There are several things that need to be addressed first, and you also need to proceed with caution. By mapping out a step by step plan for winning him back, you can take things at a speed he's comfortable with while setting yourself up for success, not failure.

Ex Boyfriend Guru

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