What it Means When Your Ex Hasn't Called You

For every break up there's the potential for a makeup. But what does it mean when your ex boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't called you? Is it finally over, or can you look for signs that your ex still wants you back?

No Call From Ex

Breakups aren't always black and white. Most times there are a few grey areas, and these can be tough to read.

Sometimes these grey areas are filled with emails, text-messages, and lingering phone calls between you and your now ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

But what if your ex doesn't call?

What if your phone never rings, the text-messages never come, and your email inbox remains totally empty?

Does a lack of contact on your ex's part mean that he or she is finally through with dating you, and that your relationship is completely and permanently over?

Post-Breakup Contact: Talking To Your Ex After The Breakup

When your ex breaks up with you, losing contact with them should be expected. Not hearing from them ever again however, is a lot less likely. In most cases you'll see, talk to, or at least hear from your ex a few times after the end of your romance, whether you end up getting back together or not.

Immediately after the breakup however? It's not uncommon for your phone not to ring. If your ex was the one who did the breaking up, he or she is probably going to take some time alone and space away from you before even thinking of getting back in touch again, even for something as simple as the "I need to get my stuff back" phone call.

Here's where most people panic, thinking that a lack of contact equates to a lack of interest on their ex's part. You might think that your boyfriend or girlfriend has totally moved on and completely forgotten about you, just because your ex hasn't called you for a few weeks. Ironically though, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Why Your Ex Won't Immediately Contact You After The Break

Emotions. Feelings. Love. These things bonded you together during your romance, and they ran strongly and deeply throughout your relationship. They took time to form, and they'll also take time to disappate. Which means that just because your ex broke up with you, it doesn't mean they don't still have feelings.

In fact, it's these feelings for you that prevents your ex from calling you up. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is currently trying to bury these emotions rather than face them or deal with them right now. Remember, breaking up is difficult for both sides. Just as you're dealing with the breakup in your own manner, your ex is doing the same thing... but in different ways.

Shelving one's emotions and feelings is the fastest way to get over a breakup, but it's also a bit of a copout. In all likelihood your ex is choosing to ignore you right now because it's easier than processing the breakup in his or her mind. Later on, as memories fade? It will be easier to let go. But for now, your ex hasn't called you because he or she is trying their best to bury their emotions rather than sever those ties for good.

Making Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Want You Back

If you're trying to reverse an unwanted breakup, the key thing is to get your ex to WANT to be back together with you again. Until that happens there can be no chance at reconciliation, no matter how much you might love, want, or miss your ex right now.

The fastest way to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back is to force them to face their unresolved feelings for you. This needs to be done carefully, and you need to be patient in your approach. There are methods and techniques you can use to draw out your ex's feelings for you and force them into the open, where they must face them again. These memories of good times and great things you did together are the foundation upon which your whole relationship was once built.

Getting Your Ex To Call or Contact You

Additionally, there are other things you can do that will actually make your ex need to see or hear from you again. With the correct series of moves, you can easily get your ex to pick up the phone and dial you up, provided you've laid the groundwork for them wanting to contact you... and this is the best way of reconciling an unwanted breakup.

There are tricks that will remind your ex of how great you can be together, and tips on how you can work your way back into their life again. The more subtle you are with these techniques, the better the results you'll get.

In the end, only a step by step plan will see you and your ex back together again. The more proactive and prepared you are, the greater the chances of once again dating your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend. The right moves will always draw you together. But the wrong moves can push you apart for good.

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