Facebook and Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Facebook. It's such a simple social tool, yet when it comes to relationship dynamics? It can be so damned complicated.

Facebook Friends After Breakup

We've all gone through a relationship break up. But today's modern breakup includes many new and unfamiliar steps, steps you didn't have to go through in the past.

Your phone, for one. After breaking up you'll need to delete all your ex's phone numbers, contacts, email addresses and such.

But even more sticky? Facebook. Because now, after having been involved in a long-term relationship? Your Facebook and your ex's Facebook pages are hopelessly and helplessly intwined with one another... and that's not necessarily a good thing at all.

You share Facebook friends. You share Facebook groups. Every day, for the bulk of your relationship, the two of you posted all over each other's wall.

Everything that happened in your day to day lives was shared with friends, family, and sometimes the rest of the world via your Facebook page.

And most awkward of all? Making the decision to either delete your ex as a Facebook friend, or keep them 'on' while you continue life without them.

Jilted lovers use Facebook these days to see how their ex boyfriend or girlfriend might be doing. They can track new relationships, conversations, photos and contacts. This leads to instant jealousy and all kinds of post-breakup fighting, all because you have a window into the other person's social world.

So what should you do after the breakup happens? Do you remove your ex from your list of friends, or do you keep them on?

Removing Your Ex From Facebook - The Facts

Choosing to defriend your ex after he or she broke up with you is a good way of breaking contact and eliminating the temptation to see what they've been up to. It's great for moving on, if you have no intention of getting your ex back.

That said, if you're still in love with this person? Removing them from your friends list might seem extreme. In staying, you'll be riddled with jealousy at the things your ex is now doing without you, but you'll rationalize it by at least being 'a part' of their lives in some small way.

The problem however, is that your ex KNOWS this. He or she can see when you last logged on, and they KNOW you'll be looking at their Facebook page.

This means your ex can exaggerate his or her fun, minimize their depression, and even bring a new person or two into their lives just to get a reaction out of you. And this is not a good thing.

Removing Your Ex From Your Friends List

In the opposite case, removing your ex from your Facebook friends list is a good way of breaking things cleanly. Even if you're looking to get back together some day, you're eliminating the temptation to spy on your ex or even Facebook stalk their daily living schedule, the way some ex boyfriends and girlfriends do.

A bad thing however, is that de-friending your ex could come across as spiteful or petty. You're not just blocking your ex from view; you're also covering up the window your ex could be looking into in order to find you again.

Your ex might want to see what you're doing on Facebook. You might want to create jealousy and longing. These are reasons to keep your Facebook connections up and running, even if those connections involve your ex.

What to Do With Facebook After the Breakup

Perhaps the best thing to do with your Facebook account after you've broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend? NOTHING AT ALL. Doing absolutely nothing - and not even logging on - is the one surefire way to make a positive statement about your current social life.

Because when your ex can't reach you? He or she feels the worst. Trust me, your ex is dying to know what you've been doing without them - even if they were the ones who broke things off. Facebook gives an ex instant access to see into your world, and in taking that away you're removing a powerful tool.

Why a tool? Because you can use Facebook to your advantage if you're trying to get an ex back. There are ways of making your ex super jealous, all through Facebook photos and wall updates.

Jealousy is the motivator that could get your ex wanting you again. Seeing how happy and successful you are since the breakup will certainly get your ex to miss you. And wanting you back? That's only a short step behind.

Ex Back System

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