Get Your Boyfriend Back and Make Him Happy Forever

After he ends your relationship, getting back together with your boyfriend might not seem easy. But the true challenge? Staying together once you've both given the relationship a second chance.

Make Boyfriend Happy

This time around, you'll need to know what mistakes to avoid - the mistakes that will inevitably cause your romance to fall apart again.

The biggest thing to understand about fixing a break up is that your relationship will be extremely fragile at first. Those first few weeks after rekindling your romance will be fun, but this is also a time when lasting impressions can be made on your new relationship.

You need to use this time to create a strong foundation for a long-term relationship with your boyfriend. But if you move too quickly or dig at past wounds, you could also leave scars that won't easily go away.

If you're having difficulty getting your boyfriend back after an unwanted break up, there are many things you can do. The following list is designed to help you strengthen any budding new romance you and your exboyfriend may be building together to form a better future.

Have Your Say

Once you've reconnected with your ex, it's important that you both get to say whatever it is that's on your mind regarding how the relationship ended. This doesn't mean a full rehash of what happened, complete with another bitter fight... it means a calm, constructive talk between two mature adults.

You need to let your ex talk to you, telling you everything he wants to say without interruption. Encourage him to open up and be honest, and don't judge anything he might put out there - even if you disagree. When finished, you'll get your own say. Speak calmly and make sure you address all points. You want to have this conversation once, not over and over again. Once finished, you'll need to let go.

Stick to the Big Stuff

Don't use this talk as a forum to bash your exboyfriend for every single thing that ever happened during your relationship together. Instead, concentrate on the major problems as you see them. Bring them out gently, but let him know they're important to you. By not riddling the conversation with dozens of small grievances, you're making him see that the bigger ones are most important.

Don't Blame Each Other

You're trying to get back together with your ex boyfriend. Now's not the time to point fingers or blame each other for things that happened. If you're making the decision to give your relationship a second chance (or want to work toward getting him into that frame of mind), you should be looking forward instead of back.

Concentrating on the future instead of dragging up the past is a solid way to keep things positive and to avoid the same old arguments that tore your relationship apart to begin with. Move forward, not back.

Start With a Clean Slate

After the two of you have talked, let your ex know you're wiping the slate clean. By starting fresh, no matter what happened between you, you're giving your reconciliation the best possible chance of survival.

From this moment on, each of you should try to keep from bringing up things that happened before your break up. Each of you gets a free pass, no matter what you did in the past. Even cheating can be overcome if you're willing to concentrate on building a future together. The less you think about what happened between you, the more time you have to concentrate on building new memories, new experiences, and great new times with your exboyfriend.

And just as you wipe the slate clean for him? He needs to do the same for you. Demand it, if you're going to stay together as a couple.

Become a Partnership

Working as a team is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Too often you'll find couples that are jealous of each other's successes. As one person gets a promotion, or something good happens to them, you see the other person downplaying it as if it's no big deal. That person is feeling jealousy, and instead of praising their partner and being happy for them they're instead trying to tear them down to the same level. Really bad stuff.

Being a team is just that - working together toward a common goal. Maybe you and your boyfriend want to move in together, or get married, or buy a home... whatever it is, pooling your resources and fully supporting each other is always going to build a strong partnership. Emotionally you'll get close, and this will also carry over into your physical relationship. Teamwork is nothing but good when it comes to dating your ex.

Trust Each Other No Matter What

You cannot go back into a relationship and not trust the person you're with. Even if they did something bad to you, mistrust will always breed resentment. Both partners will feel the effects of it, and it'll eventually tear you apart again. Instead, learn to trust your boyfriend again no matter what happened in the past. You've already decided you want him again, so why hold back? Going into any relationship is always a risk, but you're making the risk greater instead of lessening it by refusing to trust your new partner. Trust matters greatly, and you should be looking at the future - not regretting the past.

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