Get an Ex Girlfriend Back If She Wants To Be Friends

When your girlfriend dumps you and you can't talk her out of it, friendship might be the life-preserver you cling to in order to still hold onto her. And while you're busy trying to be your ex's platonic friend, you're actually drifting further and further away from her, until you can't hold on anymore.

Just Wants to Be Friends

That's why, in reality?

Being "friends" with your ex is the LAST thing you want right now.

We've all heard the line at one time or another: "I'll still think of you as a friend".

Whether it comes from a girl you were trying to ask out or from a girlfriend you were actually dating, those three little words "let's be friends" are a stake through the heart of any romantic chances you might have in the future.

And while there are a ton of guides out there touting friendship as a good way to stay close to someone until you can date them again?

I'm here to tell you that they're all wrong.

Being friends with your ex is nice in theory, but if you want to get an ex girlfriend back in your arms again, friendship can actually work against you. Ever heard the phrase "a woman knows whether she would sleep with you within the first five minutes of meeting you?" - Well it's a lot like that. Girls get a lot more male attention than you realize - especially pretty ones - and they tend to categorize men into simple groups to keep things easier for them. By asking you to still be friends with her, your ex has picked you up out of the potential mate category and is putting you into the friendship category... where you're going to inevitably get lost among all the other platonic male 'buddies' she currently has.

The question you really have to ask is this: why does my ex want to be friends with me? After all, wouldn't be easier for her just to move on and forget you completely? The answer to that lies deep within her, where her feelings and emotions toward you are still not completely figured out yet. No matter what she says, there's a good chance your ex isn't 100% sure of the break up.

So what does she do? She buries her feelings temporarily, and throws you into the friendship bin while she decides what to do with you.

Great, you say? You'll wait around for her to reconcile those feelings? Well that's not a good idea. Because with each day that goes by, you become further and further removed from her mind in a romantic sense. The memory of your relationship fades away, replaced by fun new memories as she begins looking around and possibly dating again. When your ex starts going out with someone else, you'll be all but forgotten. She'll need you even less and less, because she'll be filling her time with a whole new relationship.

The Real Reason Your Ex Wants to be Friends

Your friendship was a nice, safe, easy thing for her because she knew you were still there for her - and still wanting her back. She got all the companionship and comfort of knowing that you're only a phone call away, but without the commitment of having to be your girlfriend. She's in total control, and she's the one who gets to sever the ties when she no longer needs you.

There are several opening moves to make immediately after your girlfriend breaks things off, if you want any chance of dating her again. The longer you wait to make these moves, the harder it will be to win her back.

As her "friend" you can't make a single romantic move toward her, and you get to sit there and wait around hoping she'll come to her senses and realize she still loves you, like the end of some sappy movie.

And now here you are, sitting in front of a search engine, typing Get Ex Girlfriend Back. You read a hundred articles on how to stay friends with your ex girlfriend, and what the benefits of such an arrangement are... and then you read this one, which actually tells you the truth about things.

Refusing Friendship in Order to Make Your Ex Want You Again

The cold hard reality is as follows: if you want to win back your girlfriend, you need to do exactly that: work toward getting her back. You can't just sit around in the Friend Zone hoping and praying she's going to reverse the break up and somehow magically figure out that she needs you.

Repairing a relationship requires you to be proactive in everything you do. You have to get started on the path to reconciliation, or you'll never reach that magical place where the two of you are actually dating again.

Don't use friendship as a tool to get back together with your ex, because it never works. Instead, you need a step by step plan. A blueprint telling you exactly what to do when it comes to making your ex miss you, want you, and need you again.

Ex2 Ex Girlfriend System

Having trouble getting your ex girlfriend to talk to you, respect you, or take you seriously?

If so, the Ex2 System has exactly what you're looking for. Created specifically to deal ONLY with getting back an ex girlfriend, this amazing guidebook is an in-depth journey into your exgirlfriend's heart, mind, and the emotional ties she still has toward you even after the breakup.

Created by Ex Back guru Matt Huston, this audio and visual guide to reversing your breakup focuses on every last aspect of fixing a broken relationship.

Feelings, emotions, guilt, blame... forget about all that stuff for now. Huston's Ex2 System is a bare-bones, no-holds barred, in-depth analysis of WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to go about not only getting your girlfriend back, but actually getting her to come crawling back to you on your own terms.

A woman's mind is precisely where you need to go, if you want to know exactly how your exgirlfriend is feeling. For this reason, a gender-specific guide gives you a big advantage over a more blanket approach than guides dedicated to 'getting back together' for both men and women.

Most of all, EX2 shows you which female emotional triggers are most effective in making your her remember "the good old days" of your past relationship. This type of nostalgia is a crucial turning point to changing how your ex girlfriend views and sees the breakup.

By using your past history together, guru Matt Huston shows you how to reverse the balance of power and shift control over what happens next BACK in your favor. His non-traditional ideas are non-traditional for a very good reason: they work.

Most important of all, the techniques taught within the Ex2 System include methods you can start using right away. Instead of a slower, more reactive approach to getting your girl to love you again, Matt Huston shows you how to seize every opportunity to start proactively making her love, need, and want a relationship with you again.

Definitely don't miss this FREE audio sample of the EX2 Ex Girlfriend System. Why? Because your relationship sure isn't going to fix itself.

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