What to Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Time Apart

A 'break' is a lot different from a breakup, but it could easily turn into one. So when your girlfriend asks for 'space' or 'time off'? You need to turn the tables quickly, and shift the power dynamic back in your favor.

Girlfriend Wants Time Apart

When your girl asked for a break, chances are you were pretty shocked. Unless you read the warning signs, she probably suggested taking some time off from your relationship right out of the clear blue sky.

Most guys are pretty helpless when this first happens to them. So how did you react?

Did you try to talk her out of the break? List a bunch of reasons why you should stay together?

Beg? Plead? Look for anything that could change her mind and get her to give your relationship another shot?

In the end, you probably walked away dejectedly and agreed to give your girlfriend 'some space'. After all, you didn't want to lose her... right?

What It Means When She Wants 'Time Off' Instead of a Breakup

If you already agreed to some half-assed 'break' from your relationship, you've already put yourself in a very poor position. Your girlfriend now has all the power over what happens next: she decides when to call you, what to say to you, and how much contact you can have with her. Worst of all, she's the one who decides when the break is over - NOT you.

Right now, it might seem as if your girlfriend is laying the groundwork for a future breakup. This is the preliminary break, where she gets to let you down easy before finally ditching you completely. And unfortunately, that's not too far from the truth.

Before going forward however, you need to understand why your girlfriend wants a break instead of a breakup. And the reason for this, put as simply as possible, is that she's just not sure.

To sum it up? Your girlfriend DOESN'T want 'space', or 'breathing room', or 'time to think about things'. Giving your romance some space isn't going to allow it to miraculously heal itself, or somehow get better simply because you miss each other. What your girlfriend really wants right now is for you to stay put while she goes out and sees if she can find something or someone better.

This is the harsh reality of the temporary 'break'; it often becomes permanent because guys give their girlfriends a complete license to do what they want. Can you call her? No, because then you're suddenly smothering her. Can you email or text-message her? No, because you're not 'respecting her boundries'. It's almost ridiculous how many guys fall for this, humbly stepping back and allowing their girlfriends to do whatever they want, all for the fear of losing them for good.

What To Do When Your Girl Wants a Break Instead of a Breakup

Want your girlfriend back in your arms again? Want to stop the break from becoming a breakup? Then it's time to man up and seize back control. It's time to stop laying down and nodding your head in humble agreement, while your girlfriend loses every last shred of respect she has for you.

There are certain power adjustments you can make that will not only take back the control you lost when she threatened to break up with you, but actually have your girlfriend chasing you in a very short period of time.

When your girlfriend wants a break you have only one good option: give it to her. In fact, give her even MORE of a break than she really wants. When she approaches you with the subject of taking some time apart, tell her:

"Listen, I've been thinking and you're right. We haven't been good lately. Let's just both go do our own thing. No hard feelings, and I wish you the best."

This approach is the exact opposite of what your girlfriend expects you to do. Right now she wants you to stick around and 'be there' for her while she explores other options. She wants you to leave her alone for a while, but she wants you within easy reach. The last thing she wants is for you to go away and start doing your own thing.

By not only agreeing with but embracing her idea for a break? Suddenly your girlfriend is faced with the prospect of losing you. Instead of sitting around like a puppy-dog waiting for her to return, you're going to walk away and get on with your life. This leaves her completely alone... it takes away her safety net and removes any other options. Going out isn't going to be so much fun for her now, knowing that if she turns to look over her shoulder you're no longer going to be there.

Going a step further, remove yourself from your ex's life completely. Don't answer the phone when she calls, or respond to her text messages. Let her worry that you've already found something or someone new, and make your girlfriend come running back to you rather than you sitting home alone, in misery, waiting for her to let you know when the break is over.

In the end, a 'taking a break' is nothing but pure selfishness. Agree to it, and you're dooming the future of your relationship. If you want to avoid a breakup and get back with your girlfriend, you'll need to take actions that force consequences on her part. Sitting back and hoping she somehow comes around is NEVER a good plan.

What To Do If You Already Agreed to a Break

Now if you've already agreed to take some time apart, try not to panic. There are methods and techniques for applying the above philosophy, and for getting your girlfriend to both want and need you back.

Learn which instant reconnection techniques will work in your own specific situation, and get back on the road to being a couple again. The longer you leave yourself in relationship limbo, the harder it will be to win back your ex.

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