How To Get Back An Ex Girlfriend

Trying to win back someone you love is hard... doing it while you're an emotional wreck can be even tougher. If your girlfriend dumped you and you want her back, you'll need to know exactly what to do - and when to do it. In learning how to get back an ex girlfriend, you'll have to master your emotions. You'll also need time, patience, and most of all... knowledge.

How to Get Back Girlfriend

Ever gone skiing?

Imagine someone slapping a pair of skis on you and pointing you down a mountain... but you've never gone skiing before in your life.

THAT's how it feels when you're trying to win back the girl who dumped you, but you don't have the slightest idea of what to do.

So you beg, you plead, you write her cards... love notes... you try everything you can think of and then some.

But in the end? Nothing works. It all fails miserably, no matter what you try. And why does nothing work?

Because everything you've been trying to do in order to turn your ex around has only pushed her further and further away from you.

Mastering Your Emotions To Get Your Girlfriend Back

The first step in getting back together with someone you love is to totally calm down. When your girlfriend dumps you, every single minute can seem like an hour. Ever hour that goes by without her can seem like an eternity. You're going to think that if you don't do something - and do it soon - that you'll never be able to get your girlfriend back. But the reality is, this is simply not true. As your mind races for answers and solutions, your feelings are overwhelming the part of your brain that deals with logic and reason.

Because of this, most guys act very impulsively. They act for the sake of taking action. And instead of thinking about what their girlfriend wants right now, they think about themselves. All you can concentrate on is what you'll do and say to make your ex want you back... but in reality, right now that's the worst thing you could be doing.

Believe me when I tell you this: Your girlfriend isn't going anywhere. Sitting back for while and isolating yourself from the situation will go a thousand times further than anything else you could do, right now at least, to win her back. Want to know how to get back an ex girlfriend? Do nothing for the next few days. Don't talk about the break up, don't sweat the break up, and whatever you do, don't try to reverse the break up by calling your ex and asking her for another chance.

Your Girlfriend Wants Space... And Right Now You Need To Give It To Her

Once you've calmed down enough that you're not going to do anything rash, it's time to put yourself in your girlfriend's shoes. Clear your head, and try to look at the situation from her vantage point. She just made a difficult decision: to break up with you. She also had the unpleasant task of facing you and breaking the bad news. She's feeling emotionally drained, and even worse, she's going to feel strange around you for a little while. Why? Because she knows she just broke your heart, and that any contact you have will be weird and awkward.

Unfortunately for most guys, this is exactly when they make the most ex girlfriend contact. In the desperate attempt to stop the break up from happening, they forget to consider their exgirlfriend's feelings. This leads to anger and resentment on the part of the girl, who is now forced to face a very distraught and upset ex-boyfriend who she's much rather not be around right now. And instead of taking no for an answer, these guys keep pushing and pushing for the girl to change her mind. And not only doesn't this happen, but these guys are ruining any future chance they might have of dating that girl again.

By giving your ex some space, you're allowing her to process the breakup herself. Up until now, she hasn't had a chance to do that. You'd be surprised (and so will she...) but your girlfriend might not LIKE being alone very much. Losing you might spark up feelings within her that make your ex realize how much she loves you. The hardest part about learning how to get back an ex girlfriend is learning to leave her alone... so she can have these thoughts. As your ex lays down to sleep at night, she's going to replay your relationship in her mind. The good things you did and the fun times you had will usually outweigh the bad parts, and eventually this will turn your girlfriend's feelings back toward you.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Ex Want You Again

In the meantime, while you're giving your ex her space? There are a ton of great things you could be doing to improve the odds for reconciliation. Your goal here should be to make your ex realize what she's missing, and to want you back again. Some of these methods work quickly, and others are more long term. But you need to learn about all of them, so you can start getting back in your ex's head and create an environment in which she thinks about you and needs you again.

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